Jessore, Bangladesh

Jessore city

City overview

Jessore is a city in the south-west Bangladesh and is the capital of Jessore district. Jessore is a town and district as well which is consisting of 120 Mahalls and 36 wards and was established in 1781. The district is majorly engaged in producing variety of crops and date Sugar (Patali) is made from the trees which are grown locally, Patali is produced widely in a place called khajura but many other date trees go in for cultivation in other places called Keshbpur, Manirampur and Upazila areas and it is cooked and thickened by adopting the traditional method. Jessore city has a population of around 2 million.

 There is actually not much to do here but you will find the friendly environment of people who welcome you wholeheartedly. Jessore is also known as religious institutions and literacy rate also stands Normal for male and female which 41 % of male and 25.1% of female and also education system is also stable in this city. In terms of cultural Organizations, the city is blessed with everything including theatre, club, cinema hall, Library and so on.

Visiting places

  • Beautiful temples with amazing design are a symbol of this place and it is widely known for temples and this place name is Dhoolgraam, it is a small village in Jessore city.
  • There is a place called Imam Bara which is renowned for historical buildings which were constructed by Hazi Muhammad Mohsin.
  • Near Jessore there is a small village called Hamidpur where lots of ancient mosques are there for fine attraction.
  • Shaagordaari is a popular place here in Jessore city for the large villa and the huge garden and lots of designated houses and museums are also there and a gate will be found with great sculpture work.


When it comes to Jessore district. The city has evolved into a great place so far as the education of colleges is concerned, with an availability of ample amount of colleges’ offers different cultural aspects with good academic backgrounds.

  • Jessore Government Technical School and College
  • Army Medical College, Jessore
  • Jessore Technical School & College (JTSC), Jessore
  • Nehalpur School & College, Monirampur, Jessore
  • Madonpur Shammilloni Degree College, Monirampur, Jessore
  • Jessore College, Jessore
  • Rajganj Degree College