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Many travellers find themselves in a destination they want to visit, but usually many skip the charming city, which is officially Bangladesh's third largest city and has a population of over a million. The breathtaking bio- diverse parks mean there are a few remote - the - places you don't want to miss. It is hard to stumble across foreigners in the city, and the hospitality of the locals will make this city the highlight of your trip to Bangladesh. There are many places to visit and eat in Khulna that give you a better understanding of the culture of this part of the country.

If you want to learn about the history of Bangladesh, don't forget to visit the lost city of Gaur. If you are a history lover who wants to explore the ruins of a lost city, this is the perfect place in beautiful Bangladesh. One of the best places I have visited in Bangladesh, and which will surely surprise you, is the island of St. Martin. Bagerhat is another place you want to visit on your trip to Bangladesh if you are an adventurer and feel like Indiana Jones.

Visitors can enjoy a tour of the surrounding archaeological ruins and temples to learn more about the history of the whole, as well as visit the museum and the temple itself.

Travellers wishing to explore off-the-beaten track in Bangladesh should definitely head to the north-east of the country. Barisal is a place where you will not see many tourists, but will learn a lot about the culture and lifestyle of the people of the region. Some tribal groups live here, including chassis, who show visitors how to grow the famous betel leaves. You will see how great a small town within Bangladesh is compared to the big cities in Bangladesh.

People who love spirituality and religion will find Sylhet a fascinating place, and you can also find some of the most beautiful temples, mosques, temples and other religious sites in the region.

The whole place is surrounded by the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers, and the best way to explore this stunning place is by boat trips along the rivers. If you are thinking of visiting it, consider visiting it when the canals and rivers reach a certain level and many floating markets are operating.

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More About Jessore