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Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and has developed numerous natural wonders that can be seen and experienced from a short distance by visitors. Although there is a large population in Dhaka and other major cities in the country, there is great chaos in the urban way of life, where the population creates great chaos and a way for urban life.

There is a rich flora and fauna as well as fishing, including a roaming king tiger. The Jaflong is one of the most glamorous, offering spectacular beauty with its suspension bridges, waterfalls and picturesque views of the city.

Aparajeyo (Bangla for Invincible Bengal) was completed by Syed Abdullah Khalid and is the monument of Mukti Bahini. Ginsberg wrote the poem during a visit to the refugee camp on the border in mid-September 1971.

A joint command structure was established between the Bangladesh and Indian armed forces, but Mukti Bahini and the Joint Armed Forces of India quickly failed. India formally formed a "joint command" from the Bangladesh Liberation Army (also known as "Muktibini") and placed it under Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh. Finally, India withdrew from Bangladesh during the conflict, and a joint command was formed in Bangladesh.

They have carried out successful ambushes and sabotage operations and have carried out a number of successful operations against the Bangladesh Liberation Army and the Joint Armed Forces of India (JAF). These included attacks on Dhaka International Airport, Chittagong Airport and several other locations in Bangladesh.

India's involvement in Pakistan's security services is suspicious of him and wants to minimize his role. Indian state, local grievances are studied closely and groups fighting against them are supported, just as India has supported Bengalis fighting for the Pakistani state.

The army camouflaged its defeat of East Pakistan in the state - controlled media, faking its own people, who would suffer a severe jolt if their heroes surrendered shamefully. Pakistani textbooks were revised, and Urdu - language communities that moved to eastern Pakistan from various parts of India during partition and were considered pro-West Pakistani - rose, leading to attacks on the Bihari community. Indian-influenced Hindu teachers who manipulated students and fueled secessionist feelings in East Pakistani narratives have allowed them to manipulate students to this day.

India feared that the communist movement in Bangladesh would affect India's relations with the United States and the rest of the world, as well as with its allies in the Middle East. India's self-proclaimed leaders understood that Pakistan had been imported into the Soviet Union not by its own people, but by China and China themselves.

This is the only crime against Bengalis that remains in the official memory of the institutionalised state of Bangladesh only for the crime of Bengalis.

Their presence remains controversial in the Indian state of Assam, where many Bengals have settled over the years. Their presence has been controversial since then, especially in the capital Dhaka. Tensions rose in December 1970, when the Awami League party led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, also known as "Mujib" and based in East Pakistan, won national elections but refused to hand over power. It calls on Bengali Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus to unite as one nation, and points to Bangladesh's liberation from Indian colonial rule in 1971 and independence in 1972. Pakistan has put up posters calling the Bengali independence movement Indian-sponsored terrorism, while India accuses Pakistan of fomenting terrorism in Kashmir and dismisses genuine Kashmiri grievances as Pakistani-sponsored.

The Bir Sreshtho ("The Hero of Bir Sreshtho") is the highest military award in Bangladesh and was awarded to seven Mukti Bahini fighters. The people are being honoured for their contributions to the liberation of Bangladesh from colonial rule in 1971 and independence in 1972.

Tully was born in Calcutta on 24 October 1935 and had lived in India since he was nine. Here we also add the list of those who were born under the names Bir Sreshtho, Tully, Bhattacharjee, Srinivasan, Shafiq, Raghunath, Dharamshala, Gopinath and Tullies.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi accepted the award at the award ceremony in Dhaka. He is also said to have invited Malraux to attend the conference, but he was made an honorary citizen by Sheikh Hasina of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (SCIA) in Bangladesh. He was the only foreigner to be honoured by the Bangladeshi Government for his contributions to international relations.

Malraux wrote a letter to President Richard Nixon after Pakistan's army massacred innocent people in Bangladesh, and exercised his good offices toward Pakistan to stop the genocide killings. Today, politicians and the armed forces continue to refer to the war to show India's strength against Pakistan.

The Meghna Heli Bridge, for example, took the Bangladeshi and Indian forces from Brahmanbaria to Narsingdi. Bangladesh's nascent navy led attack ships and deployed naval mines to prevent supply ships from docking east of Pakistani ports.

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