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After the Saradha Group's Chit Fund scam rocked the state, the story of how a Shell company worked and imprisoned gullible investors has resurfaced with revelations about how it worked and how the scam's mastermind, Shree Venkatesh, worked at the company. The Supreme Court of Orissa has ordered the arrest of the accused in connection with a fraud amounting to millions. After the CBI's CJM Special Court rejected the bail application in this case and sent him to custody, he was transferred to the Jharpada Special Prison here. CBI has appealed his bail and his application for bail against his arrest by the court.

On 1 October, the Kolkata Supreme Court granted interim protection from arrest to former Commissioner Rajeev Kumar. The CBI is trying to trace Kumar to question him in connection with the fraud scam at Saradha Group's Chit Fund in the state.

O'Brien was summoned by the authority on July 26, 2019 to join the investigation into TMC spokesman Jago Bangla. He asked to appear in court in the first week of August and applied for an extension of the deadline for his bail application to 31 July 2018.

Asif Khan said he had been called by the CBI to testify in an audio clip unearthed by the investigative body. I squinted at the forced chat - and the disturbing way people willing to speak their minds did so, that is.

It is the first time the actor has been questioned since the chat show host's 2013 scam broke out. Gautam, who was arrested by the correctional services in 2015, is also being held in custody in the US. A 17,000-crater scam, considered the largest in Bengal.

The CBI is investigating alleged links between Gautam and the Saradha Chit Fund scam, which emerged in 2013. Chattopadhyay is alleged to have funded a fraud worth millions of dollars in which he passed money from the proceeds of the Chit Fund to friends and family members. It is alleged that the owner of a leading Bengali daily in the state, Bhattacharya, and his family withdrew the money through a Choti club. Under the deal, money is said to have been taken from the owners of the Chits funds and then passed into the hands of his wife and children.

The rules require that the operators of Chit Funds pay prize money to those who enjoy fresh and healthy Bangladeshi cuisine.

Visit the Water Garden Brasserie for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy fresh and healthy Bangladeshi cuisine. Choose from an international buffet or a cooking or ordering station, or choose from the many restaurants in the hotel for lunch, dinner or even overnight stays.

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I am coming to Chittagong for a few days and all the facilities and properties are in Jessore, a small town in Bangladesh, about 30 km from Dhaka. You are in the heart of the city, close to the main train station and a short walk from the airport and the airport.

Bangla Trac Group began its journey in 2008 with the opening of its first hotel in Jessore, the first in the country. India and Bangladesh have exchanged 162 enclaves since 1971, marking a 300-year-old anomaly that has seen one fragmented territory with one sovereign power in another sovereign territory. Bangladesh (baaNlaadesh) gained independence in 1971 and adopted a constitution the following year.

This formed the basis of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the country's first political party. It was founded by former Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his son Sheikh Hasina.

More About Jessore

More About Jessore